Zilomart is brought to you by Wireless Telecom Services.

As a business to business setup, Zilomart business account works with companies of 10 or more employees to develop customized programs with specialized pricing, dedicated account management, and a complete assortment of products and services at the lowest total delivered cost.

We are focused on small and medium enterprises and up and coming entrepreneurs who are focused on growing their companies and leave the procurement of office supplies to us.

We thrive to provide solutions for every part of your workday. Managing a workplace means taking care of your people, your space and your budget. From random requests to last-minute fire drills, it’s your job to be everything to everyone. So we do more than deliver on the basics that are customized for your needs.

Zilomart is one organization built to help you meet the challenges of your often-chaotic, unpredictable workday. We simplify purchasing and deliver meaningful savings on everything from office products to furniture. We can offer you customized solutions for your office which can transform your workplace to match your style in a place you spend most of your day.

So let us start working together to a new you at work.

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